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    • Laminar burning velocity of natural gas/syngas-air mixture 

      Cardona Medina, César Augusto; Amell Arrieta, Andrés Adolfo; Burbano Martínez, Hugo Javier
      This study suggests the equimolar mixture of Natural Gas (100% CH4) and Synthesis Gas (40% H2 + 40% CO + 20% CO2) as an alternative to reduce hydrocarbons consumption and reduce pollutant emissions. As a key parameter to ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna. 
    • Numerical calculation of the recirculation factor in flameless furnaces 

      Lezcano Benitez, Juan Camilo; Amell Arrieta, Andrés Adolfo; Cadavid Sierra, Francisco Javier
      This paper performs calculations of the recirculation factor in simulations of a flameless combustion furnace with different percentages of oxygen in air (from 21% to 100% O2). Results are compared with Magnussen’s ...