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    • Freight consolidation as a coordination mechanism in perishable supply chains: A simulation study 

      Castrellón-Torres, Juan Pablo; García-Alcaraz, Jorge Luis; Adarme-Jaimes, Wilson
      One of the most demanding needs of the primary sector is the development of methods, tools, models and techniques for the accurate and efficient management of perishables along the Supply Chain (SC), particularly focused ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna. 
    • Model for the logistics distribution of medicines in the colombian public health program 

      Castrellón-Torres, Juan Pablo; Torres-Acosta, Jairo Humberto; Adarme-Jaimes, Wilson
      This paper presents the results of the general modelling process for the logistics of medicines distribution within the public health program in Colombia. The model is grounded in verifying the conditions on the current ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna.