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    • Effect of three biowastes on the productivity potential of a sodic soil 

      Gutiérrez C., Mauricio Alejandro; Zúñiga E., Orlando; Ospina-Salazar, Daniel I.
      Three biowastes were applied to a Typic Haplustepts sodic soil in order to generate a Soil Productivity Potential (SPP) indicator derived from the biological, physical and chemical properties. The biowastes included swine ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Agronomía Colombiana. 
    • Study of the effect of magnetic treatments on the physiology and yield of different crop species 

      Ospina-Salazar, Daniel I.
      In this study it was evaluated the hypothesis that the magnetic treatment of seeds and irrigation water affects the physiological performance of different short-cycle crop species. This was based on previous reports where ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Palmira Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias Doctorado en Ciencias Agrarias.