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    • Comfort perception assessment in persons with transfemoral amputation 

      Ramirez Patiño, Juan Fernando; Gutiérrez Rôa, Derly Faviana; Correa Espinal, Alexander Alberto
      Historically, the design and fitting of prostheses had to rely on a slow process of trial and error, depending on the expertise of the prosthetist. Therefore, a clear definition of the concept of comfort and clear knowledge ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna. 
    • Comportamiento mecánico de la piel en función del espesor de las capas que la componen 

      Isaza López, Jesica Andrea
      Identification of the mechanical behavior of the skin is important in the clinical, cosmetic, ergonomic, and others fields. The wide range of properties reported in the literature limits the identification of constitutive ...