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    • Iron ore sintering part 2. quality indices and productivity 

      Mochón, Javier; Cores, Alejandro; Ruiz Bustinza, Íñigo; Verdeja, Luis Felipe; Robla, Jose Ignacio; Garcia Carcedo, Fernando
      Sinter plants have to process mineral mixes in order to obtain sinter of a suitable composition and quality to be loaded into the blast furnace. For this purpose a series of parameters need to be taken into account, such ...
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    • Iron ore sintering. Part 3: Automatic and control systems 

      Cores, Alejandro; Verdeja, Luis Felipe; Ferreira, Serafín; Ruiz-Bustinza, Íñigo; Mochón, Javier; Robla, Jose Ignacio; González Gasca, Carmen
      The sintering process involves a large number of parameters, more than 500, each of which exerts a greater or lesser influence and needs to be controlled, within the possible limits, in order to optimise productivity, ...
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