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    • Crack filling in concrete by addition of Bacillus subtilis spores – Preliminary study 

      Schwantes-Cezario, Nicole; Do Nascimento Peres, Maria Vânia Nogueira; Fruet, Thomas Kehrwald; Nogueira, Geovana Souza Ferreira; Toralles, Berenice Martins; Cezario, Davi De Souza
      This study aimed to analyze the performance of two concrete mixtures with the addition of B. subtilis spores regarding their capacity of filling cracks during the curing time, evaluating whether the addition can influence ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna. 
    • Sugar cane bagasse ash as a pozzolanic material 

      Mansaneira, Emerson Carlos; Schwantes-Cezario, Nicole; Barreto Sandoval, Gersson Fernando; Toralles, Berenice Martins
      This study aimed to verify the SCBA's potential use as a partial replacement of Portland cement. Therefore, the experiment was divided in two stages; in the first, mineralogical and chemical analyses were performed with ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna.