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    • Conserving the Puerto Rican herpetofauna 

      Pérez-Buitrago, Néstor; Joglar, Rafael L.; Álvarez, Alberto O.; Aide, T. Mitchell; Barber, Diane; Burrowes, Patricia; García, Miguel A.; León-Cardona, Abimael; Longo, Ana V.; Puente, Alberto; Rios-López, Neftalí; Tolson, Peter J.
      With a total area of 8900 km2, Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles. It is divided in three physiographic regions or areas of relief: the mountainous interior, the karst region, and the coastal plains and ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Orinoquía. 
    • Survival, dispersal and reproduction of headstarted Mona Island iguanas, Cyclura cornuta stejnegeri 

      Pérez-Buitrago, Néstor; García, Miguel A.; Álvarez, Alberto O.; Tolson, Peter J.
      The endemic Mona Island Iguana, Cyclura cornuta stejnegeri, is considered endangered, and exhibits relatively low population numbers and reduced recruitment of juveniles to adults. A headstarting program was initiated ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Orinoquía.