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    • Unrecognizability of Manifolds 

      Cadavid Aguilar, Natalia
      Abstract: One of the fundamental problems of topology is to decide, given two topological spaces, whether or not they are homeomorphic. This problem is known as the Homeomorphism Problem. To effectively answer this question ...
      Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín Facultad de Ciencias Escuela de Matemáticas Matemáticas. 
    • Volúmenes finitos y diferenciación automática en problemas elípticos asociados con simulación de yacimientos de petróleo 

      González-Medina, Wilmar Alberto
      This paper deals with theoretical and computational aspects of flow equations in a porous media based on Darcy’s law. These are equations that include the basic structure of those used in reservoir simulation but do not ...