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dc.rights.licenseAtribución-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional
dc.contributor.authorChulvi, Vicente
dc.contributor.authorRivera, Javier
dc.contributor.authorVidal, Rosario
dc.description.abstractThis work addresses the challenge of stimulating creative thought in higher education. With this aim in mind, the article describes the development of a collaborative creativity exercise designed to improve students' creative skills through self-perception of their strong and weak points. In this work the exercise is set out as a five-step methodology, which includes the determination of personality profiles using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and the design of an island, to be carried out by groups of students in the classroom. In this study, the exercise, which has been applied to first-year Technical Engineering in Industrial Design students for the last five years, is undertaken by different groups of students in five different sessions. Observations performed in the classroom and the results of the exercises, that is, both the islands that were designed and the choices made by the students, are used to draw the conclusions about the validity of the study. Moreover, the paper also compares the perceptions of the students who took part in the experiment this year and those who had done the exercise in previous years. The conclusions concern the style of working of each group of dominances, and highlight the effectiveness of the tool for enhancing students' creativity through self-reflection. The students' positive perceptions, even several years after doing the exercise, are good proof of this
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín
dc.relation.ispartofUniversidad Nacional de Colombia Revistas electrónicas UN Dyna
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDYNA; Vol. 81, núm. 185 (2014); 86-93 Dyna; Vol. 81, núm. 185 (2014); 86-93 2346-2183 0012-7353
dc.rightsDerechos reservados - Universidad Nacional de Colombia
dc.titleCreative experience in engineering design: the island exercise
dc.typeArtículo de revista
dc.relation.referencesChulvi, Vicente and Rivera, Javier and Vidal, Rosario (2014) Creative experience in engineering design: the island exercise. DYNA; Vol. 81, núm. 185 (2014); 86-93 Dyna; Vol. 81, núm. 185 (2014); 86-93 2346-2183 0012-7353 .
dc.subject.proposalbrain dominances
dc.subject.proposalteaching tool

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